We pray with people

so that families

may be healed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

“Through exploring some deep-seeded hurts from my past, I was able to receive healing and combat the lies that kept me in bondage to sin. This affected not only my marriage, but my ability to be able to feel safe in God’s presence. I knew intellectually that God loved me, but was never able to experience that love for myself. Being set free from the lies I had believed since childhood allowed me to experience for the first time God’s love for me in a very real and intimate way.” -RK

Scripture says if we confess our sins and pray with one another we may be healedPrayer has great power and can produce wonderful results(James 5:16) We’ve seen hearts open to receive God’s love, minds renewed, emotions healed, and people love God with all their strength.

As friends, it is our privilege to pray  by “cutting a hole in the roof,” for you to encounter Jesus so that you may be healed. During your prayer ministry session, we’ll also give practical, biblical advice to help you “stand up, pick up your mat and go home!” (Luke 5:17-26)