“Through exploring some deep-seeded hurts from my past, I was able to receive healing and combat the lies that kept me in bondage to sin. This affected not only my marriage, but my ability to be able to feel safe in God’s presence. I knew intellectually that God loved me, but was never able to experience that love for myself. Being set free from the lies I had believed since childhood allowed me to experience for the first time God’s love for me in a very real and intimate way.” -RK

After receiving prayer ministry from others in the body of Christ and being radically transformed in the presence of God our prayer ministers have devoted themselves to praying for and with others. They’ve become the kind of friends who carry people on their mat, cut a hole in the roof, and lay them at the feet of Jesus (Luke 5:17-26). Because of their great faith, people of every generation have encountered the Lord, accepted forgiveness, and been healed by the power of the Holy Spirit.